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Jadwal Pelaksanaan Pemecahan Saham PT Eratex Djaja Tbk

Stock Split Schedule PT Eratex Djaja Tbk

No Kegiatan / Action Tanggal / Date
1 Permohonan Pencatatan / Application to register new shares 15 Jun 2016
2 Pengumuman jadwal stock split di IDXNet form E007  / Announcement of the stock split schedule at IDXNet form E007 23 Jun 2016
3 Akhir Perdagangan nilai nominal lama di Ps.Regular dan Negosiasi / Last trading with old value at Regular and Negotiation Market 28 Jun 2016
4 Awal Perdagangan nilai nominal baru di Ps. Regular dan Negosiasi / Trading with new value at Regular and Negotiation Market 29 Jun 2016
5 Awal Perdagangan nilai nominal baru di Ps. Tunai / Trading with new value at Cash Market 11 Jul 2016


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